Schölliga Schaß ausm Kölla

by røst

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released November 11, 2015



all rights reserved


røst Vienna, Austria


2.6. Dachau GER - Freiraum Dachau w/ Zeckendhand, Sabot noir, Gram, The Raw Deals

Rost is a DIY hc/punk band from vienna, formed in 2015, with a political attitude and a socialcritical message.
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Track Name: es is scho wieda wos passiert
Gegen polizeigwalt mochst kann meter
De ham an freischein als staatsvertreter
do kannst anzagn wenst wüst
pass liawa auf,dassd di net vakühlst
Wos is passiat?
i hob nix gsehn!
Wos is passiat?
Nix is gschegn
Zwahundatfufzg anzeign alle abglehnt
Mühsame beamtenwege fü zeit vaschwend
an hoss aufn staat und die exekutive
wannst net guschst, dann gspiast de hiebe
wos is passiert?
sei liawa stad
wos is passiert?
knüppl imma parat
ohne anwalt kannst di brausn
die schand is,wia zoin da kiwarei die jausn
rechtshüfe, vü zeit, dann kannst di plogn
des scheiß system zu untergrobn
Wos is passiert?
Werd jo net frech
Wos is passiert
Kiwarei hot olwal recht
Track Name: against the train
Hipster shit started at school, copy the cool, act like a fool
Ray-Ban glasses, Nike air, do you really think I care ?
You against the train, thoughts destroying yourself
You against the train, thundering sound is close
Push your ego with the clothes you wear, you´re superspical how could you dare
superior thinking is just a fake, not realizing the shit you make
one day lightning strokes, wasting years, your mind fucks
You against the train, pictures passing by
You against the train, now you’re ready to die
Trends turn up and fall, living them against the wall
Trends turn up and fall, always against the wall
Track Name: do you feel safe now?
No trespassing, this is forbidden.
Prohibited Area, razorblade cuts
Escape, Pain, War
There are no positive associations with barbed wire.
None. Only Negative.
Barbed wire everywhere.
Do you feel safe now?
Track Name: destroy the circle
You are just a number in the system, you are here to consume
educated in a complex world, specialized for one thing
You’re not helpless like it seems
you’re not the idiot they want you to be
Ask your friends, they show you their way
learning from each other, that’s the way it should be
creating together, boycott their strings
rust the system, destroy the circle
rust the system, destroy the circle
Not feeding the machine
Track Name: ungeniert
wia san dreckig und bleim do
hoidn die wöt vom schen sei o
mochn mol das wos passiat
wal sunst ois stagniert
ungeniert net intregriert, awa recht engagiert
ungeniert net intregriert, awa recht engagiert
schauts euch die ganze scheiße an,
die meistn fangen net zum denkn an
a end vo dem dreck is net in sicht
außer wenn des scheiß system zerbricht
integriern hot kann sinn
außer widerstand is nix drin
Track Name: outta my anus
I like to shit outta my anus, I like to fuckin shit
I like to shit outta my anus big brown sausages
No matter if it’s hard or soft, no matter if it’s much or less
No matter if it stinks or not, no matter if it’s black or green
I like to shit outta my anus smelly brown hills
I like to shit, outta my anus, I like to fuckin shit
I like to fuckin shit
Track Name: 71 corpses
71 corpses found in a truck
don’t you think now it’s enough?
they payed too much money to pay with their lives
but already knew ‘bout the danger of this ride

what’s that smell?
it’s the corpse juice on the street
it smells like hell!
sure it was, a thing one can’t beat
what’s a life worth?
not much, as it seems
economy is more important than
a human being
A tiny piece of hope to escape from the war
some tried to take this chance, no matter how far
1 hour of air for a 6 hours drive
everyone of them had to pay with their live
panic – got caught in barbed wire
suffocation – because you trusted a liar
drowning – escaping’s a high risk
death – too many lives ended like this
Track Name: z'bschäftigt
60 Stundn und no mea
hauptsochs Konto niemols leer
oame lända zum ausbeutn
Mitn finga auf die Aundan deitn
Villa, Porsche, ois Statussymbol
friss dein Kaviar, fühl di wohl
Zeit fia dei Lebn host du net
Gschäft woa da no nie ans z’bled
Z’bschäftigt zum Lebn
wie kaunns sowos gem
Du host ka Zeit fia irgendwos
aussa göd kaunn goa nix wos
in da hockn bliatsd di aus
de weniga mochn san a graus
kana wiad da daunkboa sein
Oaweit mocht di sicha frei
Oaweit mocht di sicha frei
Track Name: rip you off
You have no choice just don’t ask why
they take your money, selling you a lie
telling you stories, you want to vomit
praising you best, giving you shit
everything seems unreal, you thought you did the real deal
hiding the facts with a fake cough
Keeping you dumb, ripping you off
rip you off
being so kind, looking so nice,
just until they show you the price
Listening up detail for detail
what a great mess, you did a fail
rip you off
they take your money, you pay the price
they take the money, you take the lies
Track Name: down
How much water have you got to kick this fucking rot
Bring this shit down
Is the ceramic burnt well to flush this world down fuckin hell
Bring this shit down