Split /w Commodore64

by røst

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released November 24, 2017


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røst Vienna, Austria

26.4. Leipzig Giese-Fest

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Rost is a DIY hc/punk band from vienna, formed in 2015, with a political attitude and a socialcritical message.
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Track Name: sk84lzs
coolio mcfaker was a pretty boy, had a skateboard used as toy
fat baggy pants far beyond his ass, he was a poser from the upper class
every step was an act of balance, two size too big shoes, laces as valance
t-shirt reaches to his knees, his style never squeezed
fingerboarding is his sport, the whole decade a brand new board
he's the king at tony hawks, he doesn't roll, he just walks
sk8 because you are a loser
not because you are a poser
he's the king at tony's he doesn't roll
Track Name: es is scho wieda wos passiat...
gegn polizeigwoit mochst kan meter, de ham an freischein als staatsvertreter
do kannst anzagn wenst wüst, pass liawa auf, dassd di net vakühst
wos is passiat? i hob nix gsehn...wos is passiat? nix is gschehn...
zwahundatfufzg anzeign olle obglehnt, mühsame beamtnweg, vü zeit vaschwend,
an hoss aufn staat und die exekutive, wannst net guschst dann gspiast de hiebe
wos is passiat? werd jo net frech.... wos is passiat? kiwarei hot ollwal recht...
ohne anwalt kannst di brausn, die schand is, wia zoin da kiwarei die jausn
rechtshüfe, vüü zeit, dann kannst di plogn, des scheiß system zu untergrobn
Track Name: destroy the circle
you're just a number in the system, you are here to consume
educated in a complex world, specialized for one thing
you're not helpless, like it seems
you're not the idiot they want you to be
ask your friends, they'll show you the way
learning from eacht other that's the way it should be
creating together, boycott their strings, rust the system, destroy the circle, rust the system, destroy the circle, not feeding the machine
Track Name: ...do you feel safe now?
no trespassing, this is forbidden, prohibited area, razorblade cuts
escape, pain, war
there are no positive associations with barbed wire - none. only negative.
barbed wire fences everywhere, do you feel safe now?

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